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O.TAJE is not only a new name for the brand you have adored for 7 years, it is also a new stage in our lives and yours. Yes, we do not create knitted clothes, we work on your mood, filling life with bright colors and emotions.
Architectural studio
The main task was to redesign the website for the Ukrainian clothing brand O.TAJE. We improved the structure, functionality, and content to increase the usability of the website. We tried to make a design that reflects the uniqueness of the brand's philosophy. When creating the website, we used minimalistic colors with bright accents that are associated with the main idea of the brand. The site navigation was improved for a better user experience.
99% perfect 1% sparkle is our motto that guides us in creating the O.TAJE universe.
Others talk only about the basics or only about trendy things. We don't understand why choose when you can choose not - It's simple! Today and in the future in O.TAJE you will always find both those and other things. Classic and basic models in universal colors, ultra-trendy styles in current shades. All for you, dear!
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